NovaTac – Brilliant Every Day Carry Flashlights

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Last year I purchased my first “every day carry” flashlight or EDC light.  I am sure you have the same question I did, “what is an EDC light”?

An EDC light is a light that you carry the same as you would a pocket knife. I personally never go anywhere with my blade, esp when riding. This is how I now think of my EDC light. It should be small but powerful enough to blind a would be attacker when shown directly in their face. It should have different power settings, be an LED for longer battery life and include a strobe. Sounds like a tall order from a single cell light small enough to stick in your pocket.

I would like to introduce you to the EDC the NovaTac LED 120 Tactical Flashlight. This little flashlight is the is simply a marvel of modern technology. Features include a mind blowing 120 lumen LED light that will step down to 10 or .3 lumen for longer battery life. The 120 setting will either lock on with a click or go momentary with a press-hold. Also readily available is a “disorienting strobe”. The strobe will also lock on or work momentarily. When pointed directly into an attackers face this is a strong deterrent. It even warns you of impending battery failure and dims progressively to preserve light as long as possible.

“Why do I need all this?” Well I am glad you asked. Personal safety is the answer. Imagine what the victims of any of this country’s  natural disasters would have done for one of these lights.  Not to mention someone being harassed or attacked. As a biker one never knows when you’ll be stuck on the side of the road at night or on an accident scene where the strobe is a powerful warning beacon to get the attention of traffic. We have all heard the stories of the biker that survive s the crash only to be run down by traffic. This small wonder can help secure an accident scene fast. I know because I have been on several car accident scenes since purchasing my 120T.

Below is a testimonial I emailed to NovaTac. This was not an accident scene, but it had all the potential to become one:

“Dear NovaTac

I just wanted to write a quick note regarding my 120T NovaTac.

Recently while touring on our motorcycles, my brother and I were caught in fog and rain on a mountain trip. We were on a long stretch of a desolate two lane highway at dusk, when we needed to pull over. With almost no shoulder to park on and heavy traffic we knew we were dangerously exposed to being hit. As my brother hurried, I pulled out my NovaTac 120T. I locked it on strobe placed it on the white line in front of the bikes (so I would not forget it) facing rearward.

The result was a brilliant strobe bouncing off the white line that could be seen for at least a mile. My brother was blown away as traffic moved to the other lane or slowed to a crawl while passing us. Dusk turned to dark there in the fog and rain but we felt perfectly safe while we finished our hasty pit stop.

I found myself wishing I had brought my video camera because it would have been a perfect commercial for your products. In my opinion every motorcyclist should be carrying a NovaTac with the 102 lumens and strobe features. Its a lifesaver”

Well, I think that email says it all. In fact I have had several communications with NovaTac since this email and we have become approved dealers of their flashlights. Since the owner is himself a biker he really liked the idea of getting this product into the hands of fellow bikers and saving lives.One small note. The NovaTac takes a single CR123A battery which is common among tactical applications. Now if you go to your local grocery store a Duracell will cost you $9.00 but not to worry. That is because those are made for a camera. What you want is the Surefire or Streamlight, brand which sells in boxes of 12 for a little more than $2 a battery. These batteries are fine tuned for flashlights and have an excellent run time. They are also becoming readily available with many outdoor stores stocking them. You can also find them at The CR123A flashlight is far superior to any AA flashlight and well worth any extra effort. There also make carrying a spare very easy. I keep one in the coin pocket of my jeans.

As you can tell I am a huge fan. After having mine for over a year and putting it through the rigors of being dropped on concrete and in water I feel these to be a “must have” item for any Biker. We’ll be listing these on our website in the near future.

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