Announcing the new Maxair FlameWires for the V Star 650

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New from Maxair !!!

The Maxair FlameWires Now for the and VStar 650

Have you looked your battery cables lately. Take a good look the one that runs 3 1/2 to 4 feet to your starter. It is hard to fathom that these stock cables will even turn over your V Twin Motor.

Throw in some corrosion, cold weather and performance upgrades with the flimsy stock cables and your starter is working over time just to get enough power to crank your massive power plant over. This makes staring more difficult producing more wear in tear on both your starter and your engine.

Well now you can send a FireBall to your starter every time you push the starter button, with our New Maxair FlameWires!!

  • Silver tin 4 gauge Oxygen free PVC coated wire ( looks like flexible stainless steel braided cable)
  • Includes Ground cable with OEM plug for plug and play install. Your system is only as good as your ground!!!
  • Heavy Duty 24 Caret Gold Plated Lugs



  • Ends sealed with adhesive shrink tube to preserve Oxygen free environment
  • Starter cable longer than stock for ease of installation


Kit Includes:

  • Starter Cable
  • Solenoid Cable
  • Ground cable with OEM plug for plug and play install (no kit is complete without this!!)


Click here to purchase for VStar 650

Click here to purchase for Road Star

Click here to purchase for V Star 1100

  • Custom Applications available



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