The New Maxmix Pro for the RoadStar 1600 & 1700 are here!!!

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         Click here to Purchase          Totally Redesigned !!! Next Generation Maxmix for the RoadStar Announcing the New Roadstar Maxmix -Pro Idle Mixture Thumbscrew. The Maxmix -Pro promises to be the industry benchmark in quality and...

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State by State Motorcycle Laws

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It’s late and you just finished that last hand of poker and while the gang is polishing off a few remaining beers a debate ensues about a particular motorcycle law. The bet is on and your looking for that definitive guide for State by State motorcycle laws. As anyone knows it can often be easier to...

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Replacement MaxFlo Filter Elements are in !!!

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  After waiting for a delayed shipment, we now have replacement MaxFlo filter elements available for purchase on our webstore (verified MaxFlo owners only) CLICK HERE. These awesome filter elements are the culmination of hard work on the part of our President and Product Engineer, Lee Sutherburg.  Not only are they...

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Harley Davidson Lays off 440 Employees

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Harley Davidson laid off 440 employees in Wisconsin. The layoffs were a result of a continuing strike in York, PA  Harley had expected to ship 82,000 to 84,000 bikes for the first quarter of 2007. The strike will cause them to miss those projections which is the reason cited for the layoffs....

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New Redesigned RoadStar Maxmix Pro !!!

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  Announcing the New Roadstar Maxmix -Pro idle Mixture Thumbscrew. The Maxmix -Pro promises to be the industry benchmark in quality and ease of use. Tip is the same as stock tip for finer adjustments Longer shaft for ease of adjustment Jeweler quality diamond knurling More threads and tighter tolerances to...

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Lee Sutherburg – Industry Profile V-Twin Magazine

Posted on February 10, 2007 with 1 Comment

   Click here  to find an industry profile, featured in the March issue of V-Twin Motorcycle Magazine (on stands now).  I remember as a kid, pouring through these magazines for information…I never thought I would actually be featured in one…..Life is full of doing things, you never thought you’d ever...

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Andy Cherney named new Editor of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine.

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          Above: a clipping from Dec. 2003 article about our ride. Left to right Dave Benson, Andy Cherney and me. Click image for larger version. The cruiser motorcycle magazine industry has been going through some major changes lately. First Jessica Prokup left her post as Editor...

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Cuban Bikers struggle to maintain American Bikes

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This an interesting story on CNN, that was emailed to me today. It seems that there is a dedicated group of Harley riders who struggle to keep there cherished rides on the road despite the embargo prohibiting the export of American parts to Cuba.  Click to view story
    After what seemed like an endless process, Maxair Engineering llc has received it official US Trademark!!! This means we can now sport the ® on our logo. It also means we are protected from infringement on our name and logo. We are also protected from infringement from companies importing goods to the US. Since our
We want to take a moment to thank our customers of the past month. Despite what must have seemed endless delays caused by both the holidays and the 2 Blizzards here in Colorado, our customers have been more than patient and understanding. Despite the...

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