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The Product of Performance (tm) Maxair Engineering llc "Precision instruments are designed to achieve an idea, dimensional precision, whose perfection is impossible. There is no perfectly shaped part of the motorcycle and never will be, but when you come as close as these instruments take you, remarkable things happen, and you go flying across the countryside under a power that would be called magic if it were not so completely rational in every way." Robert M. Pirsig Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Located in the Wyoming near the Rocky Mountains, the crew at Maxair Engineering llc enjoy some of the finest riding in the world. Maxair Engineering's goal is to provide Cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts with the finest products as well as top notch technical support. As enthusiasts and aficionados ourselves, we ARE our customers, not just selling to them.

Like surf board companies, when the weather is right, it's "surf's up" and time for a 'rip' through the mountains on our rides. This usually means working some late nights to keep shipments and technical support in line. Our President and Founder Max, has been riding some 44 years, having logged nearly 180,000 miles on various motorcycles. His first, second and third vehicles were all motorcycles, finally settling on a car for his fourth (girlfriend made him do it). His third bike was a Yamaha 650 twin derelict that he completely disassembled and customized in his Chicago apartment bedroom!! It went in a hopeless derelict and came out a fine custom ride, complete with plenty new chrome plating and a candy apple paint job.

Countless bikes and 27 years later Maxair Engineering was born. Max's passion for motorcycles and the people who ride them is evident in the level of quality and technical support here at Maxair Engineering. Max earned the "Road Name" Mad Max for some of his wild stunts and for walking away from a couple of serious motorcycle accidents with hardly a scratch.