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Maxair Predator Pro Kit : Yamaha V Star 1100- ( Includes Euro: Drag Star) All Years - All  models

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    Purchase Maxair Predator Pro Kit : Yamaha V Star 1100- ( Includes Euro: Drag Star) All Years - All models

    SKU: MK-YVS1-P Maxair Predator Pro Kit : Yamaha V Star 1100- ( Includes Euro: Drag Star) All Years - All models

    Rated 5/5 (110 review s)

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    Complete Kit Includes:

    • All the Pilot & Main Jets you will need*  (*major engine mods will need optional Predator Pro Bump Kit)
    • Maxair Predator Slide Needles
    • Aluminum Milled Filter Adapters
    • PCV hook-up w/ PCV valve
    • 2- Air Filters
    • Replacement socket head Float Bowl Screws
    • Drill Bit & Screw for Pulling Pilot Mixture Screw Cap
    • Compltete Full Color Instructions
    • Tech support (We are available to call back you most evenings & weekends too!)
    • Maxair Sticker

    "BOLT-ON POWER- Maxair ... Delivers"- RoadBike Magazine

    This kit is custom made for your Yamaha V Star 1100 (also known as the Drag Star 1100 overseas)  to eliminate its restrictive stock air-box and allow increased air flow to the carburetors. The Maxair Kit for the V Star 1100 Yamaha will improve your entire power-band with up to a 20% increase in torque and horsepower (or more). Easy installation and our Award Winning Technical Support, guarantee that your Beast will be Unleashed in mere days!

    • Turn Key install (complete kit with full color detailed instructions)
    • Best tech support in the industry
    • Cross-Over Max-Tube (balances filters - increased volumetric efficiency)
    • Positive Crankcase Venting (pulls moisture & gasses: cleaner oil- creates negative pressure under pistons for more power)
    • Anti Reversion Milled Aluminum Adapters - (reduces reversion -increased volumetric efficiency)
    • High Flow K&N Lifetime Filters (same filters used by a major racer on a Road Star Warrior 1700cc)
    • Up to 20% (or more) increase in power over stock (with aftermarket exhaust)

    Filter Crossover Max-Tube (picture below) link the two  filters balances them and increase flow and volumetric efficiency. This gives you the benefits of individual filters with the balancing effect of stock system !!

    Our unique Positive Crankcase Ventilation feature "pulls" harmful moisture and gases out of crankcase and burns them in the combustion chamber. This results in cleaner oil and longer engine life with no harm to the carburetors. This is also the cleanest running system for your bike as well as for the environment....This system also eliminates the smell of these gasses while riding.

    Also includes our custom machined, high velocity, anti-reversion filter adapters. It is our opinion that these adapters help to reduce the effects of reversion and increase air velocity.

    Includes all the jets and everything you need. You can leave your stock round air box in place for looks.


     Installed kit side view (pictured below) - our filters are well protected nestled up under the gas tank.. They are not seen when the tank is installed. 

    Maxair Engineering has been recognized as an industry expert on the Yamaha V Star 1100 - Our products (including the Predator Pro) are sold and installed by Yamaha dealerships around the country!

    Products we highly recommend to go with the Predator

    • The Predator Maxmix Thumb-Screws- This makes adjusting the hard to reach the idle mixture screws a breeze.
    • Max-CSR kit  - If your bike is 2006 and newer (California 2004 or newer) we highly recommend this addition for best performance.

    Now with greater jetting range! This is the next generation with our new adjustable needles. Our needles allow for tighter jetting tolerances. We saw improved throttle response and a 4 HP increase over the standard kit !!!

    Our Predator Pro jet kit now comes with an expanded jetting range. If you have modified your engine you can purchase an even more extended range here . Unless you have modified your engine you will not need this extra range. 


    • What is the Maxair Predator Pro and why should I purchase it for my V Star 1100: The Predator Pro is a filter system that eliminates the stock restrictive air chamber and snorkel under the tank, allowing for maximum airflow and power gains. This kit has become well known among V Star 1100 aficionados, as the must have for the best power, while retaining real world drivability. 

    • Is the Predator kit is both an air filter system and a re-jetting system? Yes it is a complete system, with everything you need (minus tools) for install and tuning. Also included, are full color instructions and access to our phone technical support where we will "hold your" hand through the install process.
    • I have heard about "POD kits". Is this a POD kit?  No our system is not a "POD kit". POD kits are put together "ad hock" using the stock needles and no Cross-Over tube. The Predator Pro kit is a proven system that has been Dyno and road tested to make sure all the components work together to achieve optimum performance. Don't be fooled by  imitations!!

      The heart of our system are the Predator Pro Needles, our Anti-Reversion Adapters, Cross-Over Max-Tube and our Positive Crankcase Vent System. The Predator Pro needle was specifically designed for the Predator system allowing for best performance, drivability and gas mileage. The stock needle was designed for a stock bike to satisfy EPA NOT for best performance when you eliminate the stock are system. 

      Our anti reversion adapters increase air velocity and reduce reversion thereby increasing volumetric efficiency and power. There is simply no comparison to POD kits that use the stock needles and misc. parts.

      Our kit has also been made turn-key and we provide proper technical support. Our filters and adapters are designed to give the right flow and decrease reversion to provide the best performance.

    • How much of a power increase can I expect with the Predator Pro?  Please see the side by side Dyno charts on our website done by RoadBike Magazine. With a good aftermarket exhaust you should see a 20% increase over stock and often times better depending on the exhaust used.
    • I have a Maxair Predator purchased before 2006, is the Predator Pro a new version?  Yes it is. The Predator Pro is the latest evolution of our legendary Predator kit providing even better power and throttle response.
    • How is the Predator Pro different:  The major difference is our new proprietary Predator Pro needle. The old style Predator used the stock needles which were designed to be used with the stock air system. We custom designed the Predator Pro needles especially for our air intake system, to offer better throttle response and general performance. Our test-bed V Star 1100 gained 4 hp over the old style Predator.
    • Will the kit come with the exact size jets needed to be compatible with my exhaust system?:  Yes, the is very complete, with everything you need for ALL exhaust setups. Some major engine mods. may require the Jet Bump Kit which gives you extra jetting. If your bike does not have major engine mods you will be good to go. If you have cams or HC pistons you may want to purchase the Predator Pro Jet Bump Pak for an expanded range of jetting
    • Does the installation of the kit require any irreversible changes to the existing parts, especially the carburetors?  For example, to install the new jets, does any drilling need to be done that would prevent a return to the original equipment sometime in the future? : No, the only drilling that is done is to remove the plug the covers the idle mixture screw so you may adjust them. This can easily be adjusted back to stock and the plug is completely unnecessary.
    • Do the carburetors need to be re-jetted with your system and aftermarket pipes are installed? : Yes, you do re-jet and we give you everything you need for a stock engine (extra jets can be purchased for bikes running aftermarket cams and/or High compression pistons)
    • Does the stock air filter cover remain on the V Star 1100 for aesthetic purposes once your new Predator system has been installed?: Its your choice. Our filters are hidden under the tank so you can leave the stock doughnut cover in place for looks or you can remove it for a cleaner look.
    • I would like to know if there is any power increase if I use the stock exhaust?  Yes you will see a noticeable gain in power. Not as much as you would see with a full system though.. We recommend a 2 into 1 exhaust for best performance. Slip-ons are a reasonable low cost option that will give you a tremendous power increase with the Predator Pro.
    • Will installing the Predator kit have a negative effect on my warranty:  No, This is a myth sometimes perpetuated by certain dealerships. See: Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.  We have dealers that install our air kits before the bike has even been sold to increase its selling potential. Often times a customer will purchase a bike and the have the dealer install our air kit and a set of pipes right off the showroom floor!
    • Does your kit use K&N filters, what is their life span and how often do the need to be cleaned: Yes, we use top of the line K&N filters that are guaranteed for a million miles. We recommend cleaning your filters at your 8000 miles valve adjustment, when you have your tank off anyway. If a filter should ever be damaged we will supply you a replacement, for a nominal cost. It would be very rare and unlikely to damage one however. ONLY use K&N Filter Recharger kits to clean and re-oil your filters.
    • I have another air kit on my bike now. Can I leave this on for looks after installing your product?: Yes you may and this is a great way to go. "The Maxair for Go, the others for show!" 
    • What are these Predator Maxmix Screws and why should I purchase them? The Maxmix screws are thumbscrews that eliminate the need for a screwdriver when making adjustments to your idle mixture. We highly recommend these with the Predator Pro for ease of tuning. Please see above for more info on those.
    • I ride in the rain quite often. Will rain be an issue with the Predator Pro?: No, rain will not be a problem at all. We have never had a complaint or issue due to rain with the thousands of bikes that this kit has been installed on. We have ridden our own test bike daily through torrential downpours with no problems at all.
    • What gas mileage can I expect with the Predator Pro? The average is 42 to 48 mpg. 
    • Are these filters large enough for this application? : Yes . These are the size as the filters commonly used on the 1700cc Warrior. They provide more CFM than you will ever need. Remember, a filter too large can cause a decrease in overall performance and torque. Also our filter s designed for optimal flow while preserving proper filtration and together with our adapters reducing reversion for better torque in the lower rpm range.
    • Can I install this myself? :  Yes, most certainly. If you can change your oil and can follow instructions, you can do this in about 4 hrs. If any issues come up we are available for personalised phone technical support to "hold your hand" through the install process. We are available to call you back most evenings and weekends too!
    • What tools will I need for this project. : You will need a basic set of screwdrivers, sockets and wrenches. Also a clean work area. You will need a way to adjust the float level which can be done with a metric caliper. After the install you should synchronize your carburetors. You can purchase the SyncPRO CARBURETOR TUNER by Motion Pro or you can make your own very cheaply with our full color instructions  Synchronizing your carburetors is a regular maintenance item that should be done periodically on and bike with multiple carburetors so this is a good tool for future use.
    • I am concerned about adjusting my float level. Should I be, and is this necessary? Adjusting your float level is a very simple job. We have a video on our YouTube Channel to guide do this simple procedure. We have gone to great lengths to make this a very simple task. As a result t is the easiest part of the install process and should not take more than 10 minutes. 
    • My bike has already been re-jetted with another kit. Will I need to re-jet again? Yes,  you need to re-jet using the jets we provide to accommodate the Maxair Predator Pro needle and the huge increase in air flow and power.
    • Can my local dealer install this for me? Yes - Anyone who can read and follow instructions can install the Predator Pro kit.
    • Are there any customer reviews I can read on the Predator Pro?  Yes!  In fact MOST of our sales of the Predator Pro Kit come from happy customers telling other V Star 1100 owners. Please read the many testimonials in the review section below. 
    What our customers are saying:

    The Maxair Predator Maxmix Thumb-screw(Optional add-on)

    IMPORTANT: DOES NOT INCLUDE Factory O-ringSpring or Washers (these you will re-use from your existing factory screws.)

    We specifically designed to work w/ our Maxair Predator Pro Kit.

    Sold as a Set of 2

    The V Star 1100 Predator Maxmix idle Mixture Thumbscrew. The Predator Maxmix Screws promises to be the industry benchmark in quality and ease of use.

    • Longer shaft for ease of adjustment
    • Jeweler quality straight knurling
    • More threads and tighter tolerances to fit carburetor and eliminate movement from vibration
    • Parabolic dished head reduces weight and vibration 
    • Uses OEM Spring, O-ring and Washer (not included)
    • NOTE: The OEM screws have small variances in dimensions from year to year. This has no effect on performance. These work for ALL VStar 1100s & Drag Star 1100s

    The Maxmix Idle Mixture Thumbscrew for the V Star 1100 allows you to adjust the pilot mixture circuit on the fly. Handy for fine tuning changes in weather, temperature or for changes in altitude.

    Fits all Yamaha V Star 1100s

    The Idle Mixture Screw is the most common adjustment, needed on your motorcycle's carburetor.

    Adjusting this screw properly, can compensate for changes in altitude, weather, temperature etc.

    Proper adjustment, to meet changing conditions can drastically improve drivabilty and performance, as well as reducing gas consumption and wear and tear on your motor.

    Imagine being able to adjust your idle mixture on the fly - without a screw driver. Well now you can with the NEW Maxmix idle Mixture Thumbscrews!!

    "BOLT-ON POWER- Maxair ... Delivers"- RoadBike Magazine


    Read the article Click Here   

    RoadBike Magazine's Dyno test of the Standard Maxair kit (images and article courtesy of RoadBike Magazine)

    The chart below shows a "bone stock" V Star 1100 as tested by RoadBike Magazine using our Maxair Predator.

    The results in the are typical but we have seen better power increases base on the type of exhaust used!

    Peak Horsepower: Before: 51.7 - After: 61 !

    Peak Torque: Before:55 - After: 64 ft lbs !

    Belo is the RoadBike Dyno before & after after installing the Maxair Predator and a 2 into 1 Classic Exhaust system

    Disclaimer: Any modifications to intake or exhaust systems on some vehicles may not be legal in some jurisdictions. Please check with your local authorities for specific legal standards. The Maxair Predator Kit is not EPA or DOT approved. Designed for off-road competition use. Purchaser is responsible for proper installation and tuning.

    Technical Support 

    MOST of our sales of the Predator Pro Kit come word of mouth recommendations. we have a vested interest in you having the best experience possible with our product, after the sale. You, are our best salesperson!

    At Maxair Engineering we pride ourselves on having the best support in the technical support industry! Since most of our customers install this product themselves, we have earned a reputation for fast reliable technical support.

    Technical support for the Maxair Predator Pro can be found on our Technical Support forum: The Maxair Garage

    The Maxair Garage is a private technical Support forum for customers to receive technical support and expertise. You will find all the help and information you need. There are links, videos and much more to assist you though the install.


    Screen-Shot of the Maxair Garage Technical Support forum

    I couldn't believe I was riding the same bike! The power increase was incredible! I did the work myself. The tech support was second to none and the instructions were very easy to follow. The bike pulls hard in every gear, no backfires or hesitation. Can't say enough. Buy this, you won't regret it!    Customer: Scott Caywood (Hutchinson, KS)

    Customer Reviews

    Review Maxair Predator Pro Kit : Yamaha V Star 1100- ( Includes Euro: Drag Star) All Years - All models
    5/5 Stars out of 110 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Awesome power bust
    Tony Kirkland (Mascot, TN) | October 14th, 2017
    Changed this out because needed more power and I have so much more take off power. Awesome product!
    Verified Buyer
    System consult
    Dustin Williams (Redding, Ca.) | July 2nd, 2016
    I just got off the phone with max, top notch customer service. Wasn't like going in to the yamaha dealership and trying to have any sort of an intelligent conversation with those weiners. Thoroughly satisfied with the service from him. Now to drag my wife out of bed and convince her why I "need" this system
    Verified Buyer
    I am no mechanic....
    Ed Hutton (Fort Gratiot, Mi) | August 17th, 2015
    The included instructions and pictures are great, and the FAQ's and other tech support info on the website was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised it went so well! I had previously replaced the stock pipes with some used Vance and Hines slip ons and loved the sound, but no increase in performance and it backfired/popped more. This Predator Pro kit, and Pro Idle mixture thumbscrews was the mod I was looking for. If you follow the directions exactly....and adjust everything as directed, you can't go wrong. A little adjusting of the idle speed after the install and syncing the carbs made my 2005 V Star 1100 come to life. It runs better BY FAR than it ever has. It is much quicker, idles better, warms up WAY quickerused to be VERY cold blooded, sounds awesome, and now doesnt even pop or backfire like it used to...ordered the AIS relocation kit, but it doesn't need it as the backfires are gone... I am VERY happy with the improvement and honestly it has exceeded my expectations. There are thousands of V-Stars out there that could benefit from this kit and I would encourage people to go for it. Also now I am more encouraged to do other services myself on the bike. Lee Max is very quick in responding to questions, and even called me back personally, when I had a auto reply message that the parts were to be shipped at a later date. He told me the parts were sent that day and the message was wrong...Thats great service. Thanks Max! I plan to purchase more upgrades from your company in the very near future! Ed
    Verified Buyer
    Great Service, Great Product
    Corey Gibbons (Wheeling, WV) | August 17th, 2015
    I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for your help over the phone. I'm the 24-year-old girl who called asking for the size for the Vstar 1100 Starter Jet and got all of my questions answered - along with the best customer service I have ever received. I spoke with Max over the phone and he didn't have to look up the OEM jet size for me and could've told me to figure it out on my own since Maxair doesn't deal with Starter Jets, but he took time out of his day to assist me in what was a very crazy situation. I called the Yamaha dealership that is an hour away to order the parts and got back on the road in no time, faster and smoother than ever. I will always recommend Maxair and appreciate the drive you have for helping your customers. Getting our bike to breathe and perform better was our goal and we definitely got the results we wanted. Thanks Maxair!
    Verified Buyer
    maxair pro,
    Daniel (Hanover,ontario) | June 12th, 2015
    To start this testimonial i have a 2009 vstar1100 classic.l purchased maxair kit in may/15 along with cobra speedster pipes.but just let you know I am in no way mechanic at all.but I do have a buddy who is and was ready to help with all that said and done,we went to work,put a long story short,put all together ,got the carbs in sync.took it for a test drive, and man what difference in performance and throttle response.max air pro kit is one should get.
    Verified Buyer
    I'm inpressed
    Dennis Clay (Charlotte , MI) | April 25th, 2015
    My brother and I both ride vstar 1100s and the bikes were very evenly matched. After adding the max air mine was much faster and ran better at all rpm ranges. Now I added a cobra power pro and it realy brought the motor to life
    Verified Buyer
    She's a beast man, thanks to you,
    Christopher Van Allen (Pace, FL) | April 8th, 2015
    Well Max, here we are, months since last we spoke. Cinereous now has a new starter clutch, a Maxair predator pro kit installed by yours truly, synched carbs, and a fresh oil change. I have owned this bike for three years now, and I can honestly say that it has never run better or started stronger. This bike is now as amazing as i always knew it could be. Thanks for all your help and support throughout the process. According to the mech the only thing I screwed up was the max mix screws were 4.5 turns too loose. She's a beast man, thanks to you.
    Verified Buyer
    Unbelievable bolt on power
    L Wilson (Spanish Fort, AL) | March 13th, 2014
    I cruised the Maxair website for 6 or so months before purchasing the predator pro kit. A handful of folks I ride with have other versions of intakes and mods from other manufacturers installed on their rides. Some look sharp, some actually improved performance, others not so much. Well I wanted "my bike" not a carbon copy of a friends. I read the testimonials about the predator pro and decided to give it a shot. I ordered the predator pro kit, pro idle mixture thumbscrews, MAX-CSR, Barnett clutch spring conversion kit, and the Barnett clutch plates. I also ordered, from an external distributor, the Hard-Krome sideburner, 2 into 1 exhaust. Once all of the parts arrived the install commenced. The instructions provided with each part are very thorough and detailed, making the install incredibly easy. Okay, enough of the boring stuff. When I finished the install, the bike came to life the 2nd time I hit the switch. When I say came to life, I really mean CAME TO LIFE! If I didn't do the install myself I would not believe it was the same motor. Who knew there was so much power in the 1100. The bike has quicker throttle response, a hell of a lot more power, sounds unbelievable, looks fantastic with the factory air cleaner removed. These guys really have their $h!t together! If you are looking for some serious bolt on power, stop looking. You found it.
    Verified Buyer
    Best upgrade you can do to your 1100
    Junior (Sedgewick, Alberta) | July 3rd, 2013
    We are a 2 Vstar 1100 family, the typical his & hers. I did the Predator Pro on my bike first and loved it right away, had to do hers as well. The unfortunate thing, her bike a just a bit quicker and stronger than mine now :. Hands down the best upgrade you can do. I have left my dog dish off which gets everyone asking questions right away. Great product, great service, all round great company. Thanks Maxair!
    Verified Buyer
    Oh, Yeah!
    Mark (Woodland Hills, CA) | February 28th, 2013
    What a difference! My V-star 1100 ran hot, had a horrible stumble right off idle, and backfired like crazy. Spent 3.5 hours installing the Predator Pro with my brother-in-law and I just can't believe it's the same bike! Starts instantly, idles perfectly, runs cooler, and pulls like crazy right off idle. Haven't even synced the carbs yet! I am a believer! Left the air cleaner off so other MaxAir riders will know what's what. Those without the Predator Pro will have to catch me first...

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