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FlameWires X2 Series : Yamaha Road Star (NOT Warrior)  - Replacement Battery / Starter Cables !!!

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    SKU: MAX-RS-CABLE FlameWires X2 Series : Yamaha Road Star (NOT Warrior) - Replacement Battery / Starter Cables !!!

    Rated 5/5 (21 review s)

    Due to its popularity and current global supply chain issues FlameWires X2 Series : Yamaha Road Star (NOT Warrior) - Replacement Battery / Starter Cables !!! is currently out of stock.


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    Have you looked at your stock battery cables lately? They are the weakest link in your electrical system. Take a good look at the one that runs more than 4 feet to your starter. Itís hard to fathom that the stock cables will even turn over your big 1600 or 1700 V Twin Motor. 

    Throw in some corrosion and cold weather starting, on the flimsy stock cables and your starter is working overtime just to get enough power to crank the engine. Those stock cables make starting more difficult creating more wear and tear on your starter, battery and your engine.

    Our legendary FlameWires X2 will solve this problem!

    The Maxair FlameWires X2 Series will not only give your starter all the power your battery will push, They will also remain corrosion free and they look awesome. A great addition to any bone stock or custom ride !!

    • PLUG & PLAY install
    • 24 Caret Gold plated heavy duty lug ends. Will NOT corrode!   
    • Marine Grade!
    • Show quality- Battery Cable consists of oversized, fine stranded, tinned Oxygen Free Copper (99.99%) making this cable marine grade.
    • Over 2000 strands, this is huge 4 gauge power wire
    • Includes Ground cable with OEM plug for plug and play install
    • Ends sealed with adhesive at 1000 Degrees to seal out water and contaminants (this is a must!!)
    • Starter cable slightly longer than stock, for ease of installation
    • Flames in picture for marketing purposes only. Wire does not have graphic flames.
    •    Includes

      • Starter Cable
      • Solenoid Cable
      • Ground cable with OEM plug for plug and play install (no replacement cable kit is complete without the ground)

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    Review FlameWires X2 Series : Yamaha Road Star (NOT Warrior) - Replacement Battery / Starter Cables !!!
    5/5 Stars out of 21 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Fantastic wires
    John (Iowa) | May 4th, 2023
    Upgraded roadstar wires to the firewire and hands down higher quality then factory. Instant start and no drag when starting. Highly recommend.
    Verified Buyer
    FlameWires X2
    Dan-R (Fort Myers, Florida) | February 17th, 2023
    Although pricey, these wires work excellent! OEM wires can not carry the maximum amperage of your motorcycle's system. If you're having starting issues...get these wires!
    Verified Buyer
    A Must Have
    jack bragg (tampa, FL - Florida) | March 28th, 2020
    I have an 04 Roadie it has had a lot of work done to it over the years, I guess it helps when your best friend is a 45 year Yamaha Tech. When this bike was new it started ok but not great. I started riding around with 10mm socket and ratchet to check the battery connections. I had read about these flame wires and decided to give it a shot see if this helped. The install was pretty straight forward, there is a factory clamp in front of the drive pulley around inside where the wires route. You cant cut that one loose, We have found over the years the best lubricant for something like this is windex. It evaporates and dont hang around, follow your instructions soak your cable with windex a couple moves back and forth the cable will slip right thru the clamp. After the install and everything was double checked, I hit the starter button,the bike started like i never did a thing wow. I noticed when I hit the starter there was a split second hesitation before the motorcycle turned over that made me check the starter solenoid as is a 16 year old bike. When i took the old one out there is a white plastic plug thats plugged into it. The connections there were green and corroded. I replaced said solenoid used a small amount of dielectric grease on the plug connections drilled a small hole in the bottom of the cover for drainage, double checked everything hit the starter and ZING it starts with authority now. Added bonus he fuel gauge all of a sudden became accurate this is after changing the sending unit. I hope this helps someone. Thanks Max Air these are a quality set of wires and they were here pronto good vender to deal with. Coils are next cant wait. Ride Safe
    Verified Buyer
    Must have these cables
    Luke (Wooldridge , Mo) | November 14th, 2019
    I bought my 2003 Roadstar used recently and was having trouble getting the engine to crank over when warm. I checked the battery and found one of the terminals was melted and the connection was loose. I replaced the battery thinking this was my problem but I still had trouble getting it to crank over at times. After a while I checked the battery again and the same terminal had been hot and was starting to melt. The connection was still tight. I found these cables and installed them and the bike starts flawlessly. The original cables just don’t carry enough current to get the job done too much resistance. The flame wires work awesome and are an easy install.
    Verified Buyer
    Replacement Battery / Starter Cables
    William Hendricks (Steinauer, Nebraska) | July 31st, 2017
    I bought these a couple years ago, I was having trouble turning the motor over in very hot weather. Since I installed the new cables NO Problems! They are great! A must have for your Road star.
    Verified Buyer
    A must have upgrade
    Steve (Colorado Springs, CO) | June 16th, 2017
    Well, I burned up 2 starters before I decided to upgrade the cables ( shame on me ). They made a vast difference in starting ability, she fires right up now. Installation was quick and easy. The only issue I had was the acorn nut for the starter post was not deep enough, had to put the standard nut on first then cable and acorn nut. I decided to call and ask about other products, the call was great and very informative. Thanks Max ! Will be back for Carb.
    Verified Buyer
    No more hesitation on start up
    Daniel Eberle (Edgewater, Florida) | February 28th, 2017
    My '07 1700 would fail to turn over upon occasion. Like it was just a tad too weak. Well after a new battery didn't solve the issue, I tried these wires. Wow what a difference. Just one small bump on the start button and off she goes. Zero lag, zero hesitation, 100% ignition. I am recommending to a friend of mine with similar problems.
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome wires
    Robert v. Jones (Dahlonega, Ga) | November 1st, 2015
    Ok been having issues with factory cables especially when it was a cool day. I knew I needed better wires and originally planned on just buying some bulk wire and making up them myself. I started researching and found these and thanks to the testimonials I read I decided to try these instead. Believe me They are worth it. All made up to length with terminal ends bent and positioned correctly, plus that cable is a lot more flexible than a standard cooper one would have been. Used a pair of thin snap ring pliers to stretch boots back on wiring. Highly recommend everyone replace their cables with these because you eventually will have to like I did and it's not fun being stuck somewhere away from home when it decides to act up. With these cables it starts right up with authority rather than the lagging draw I was hearing. They are easy to change out also only thing I had to do was modify the battery box a little to fit the short cable down to relay.
    Verified Buyer
    These cables cured my bike's hard starting.
    steven schwab (Middleboro, MA) | May 18th, 2015
    My 2004 Road Star quickly lost its starting power. Frequently, starting would bog down all the way and I was afraid it might not start at all, even in the middle of my ride. I read about swapping out cables on a tech blog. Wow!! these new cables cured the problem completely and gave me confidence the bike will start on demand every time. This product is superior quality and exceeds expectations as advertised. Thanks very much.
    Verified Buyer
    These really work!
    Nicholas Spor (Clinton, MA) | April 5th, 2013
    I had heard that if i was using these cables with a yamaha warrior starter that i would have issues. The information couldnt have been more wrong! The install was a snap and you can really tell the difference from the stock cables when you hit the starter. At the same time i upgraded my cables i also upgraded to the warrior starter. These cables work absolutely fine for that application.