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No Fuel Pump Mod - 1999-2007 Yamaha RoadStar Complete Kit

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    SKU: NO_PUMP_MOD No Fuel Pump Mod - 1999-2007 Yamaha RoadStar Complete Kit

    Rated 5/5 (6 review s)

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    Improved!!! Now with Clear high-quality ethanol resistant TYGON fuel line!!!


    This hugely popular kit has everything you need to remove the fuel pump on Your Yamaha Road Star!

    Removes one of the more common items to fail, leaving you stranded!

    The fuel pump on the Yamaha RoadStar can quit at any time, leaving you stranded on the side of the road . This simple mod will allow you to remove the fuel pump and run with gravity feed. Done correctly, you will have no ill effects from this modification.

    Kit includes

    • Pingle High Flow Petcock
    • Road Star Adapter Plate
    • Gasket
    • Teflon Tape
    • Pingle Permanent High-Flow Fuel Filter (never needs replacing- bronze element is cleanable)
    • Premium Motion Pro Clear TYGON high quality ethanol resistant fuel line
    • High Quality Special-Application  Heavy-Duty Stainless Fuel Line Clamps (rounded edges & no slots to cut line!)
    • Round File to enlarge hole on Gas tank slightly for Pingle Petcock (using a round file makes this very simple and pulls shavings out of gas tank, leaving none inside)
    • Complete Full Color Instructions & Technical Support !
    • Add optional float needle valve for your application ( the correct needle valve is necessary for this mod. If you have questions about your application simply email us for help.)


    Customer Reviews

    Review No Fuel Pump Mod - 1999-2007 Yamaha RoadStar Complete Kit
    5/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    5 star
    Pat (Canada) | March 2nd, 2023
    Excellent product, excellent customer service. Expensive for us in Canada but worth every penny
    Verified Buyer
    the kit was slick
    bruce (dillsburg, pa) | August 9th, 2012
    perfect instructions down to making sure to wear safety glases while doing the rings, how to file the opening round, how to vent the tank.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Kit
    Jim (,) | May 31st, 2012
    Guys I recieved my no pump mod kit for my 99 Roadstar, this kit works great, I was having charging issues because I installed a cheaper aftermarket fuel pump as I didnt want to pay big bucks for the Yamaha item. Your kit has solved both my problems, I no longer have the electrical issues and Im running without a pump, the bike runs as good as it ever has, Great Kit Thanks Jim Australia
    Verified Buyer
    great product great customer service
    Jeremy Haynes (Henderson, Texas) | November 5th, 2011
    Purchased this kit last week, Wow what an improvement on how my bike run. When I had to get technical help on a small issue I sent an E-mail and received a phone call to solve the problem. Awesome service and will be a return customer. Thanks for your dedication.
    Verified Buyer
    Awsome Product!
    Quannah Tresner (Dayton, Nevada) | May 8th, 2011
    I purchased this no-pump mod last month, it was the best upgrade I have done to my Roadstar thus far. It is real nice when you buy something that works the way it is described, no hassle easy instalation, little over an hour and I was back on the road. Thanks MaxAir!
    Verified Buyer
    This is what I was waiting for
    Thomas Meyer (Troy, NY) | April 9th, 2010
    A couple of years ago I installed the bigger float bowl jet but never got around to doing the rest of the pumpless mod. I recently ordered the no fuel pump kit from MaxAir and am glad I waited till this product came out. Other then the jet, this kit is all you need to complete the pumpless mod except for the time to install it. Speaking of the installation, the instructions that come with the kit are spot on, and easy to understand and follow. There are two big plus's with this kit. First it's all you need, second they supply the right rat tail file to file out the petcock hole in your gas tank. If you are going pumpless this is the kit for you.